How do I get started at CFPS?
For information on getting started, please visit the Getting Started section of our website. Simply call us or email us so we can direct you to the appropriate class day and time for your free trial session.

Do I have to be in shape to start?
It certainly helps, but no, not at all! All of our classes are structured in a way that people who may be deconditioned can still participate. It is simply a matter of scaling, or adjusting, the workout. You do not have to be in shape to start to get in shape! We’ll just lighten the load, lower the reps or shorten the time. Many people at CFPS do scaled workouts for various reasons and we respect that everyone is at a different point in their fitness journey.

How long will it take to see changes/results?
Immediately. Once you start CrossFit you will never work out any other way.

Will CrossFit make me sore?
CrossFit is an intense workout program and it is common for participants to experience some soreness, fatigue, or discomfort especially for those who have been inactive for a while. We would not recommend CrossFit training within two days of a competitive athletic event (e.g., running a marathon, completing a triathlon, etc.) or other special event (e.g., your wedding.)
We always try to scale a workout so that it’s appropriate to each person’s ability level. Please let the coach know if things are feeling like they’re too much for you and we will adapt the workout! Please be honest with any health concerns, we are experienced coaches and have dealt with all manner of confidential issues in the past.

I’m a female and don’t want to bulk up. I just want to tone up and add some strength. Is that possible with CrossFit?
Good news, you won’t bulk up. Firstly, females just don’t have the right hormones (e.g., testosterone) to bulk up with this type of exercise. You would have to be lifting very heavy weights, often, and add supplementation to bulk up. Yes, you will get stronger – guaranteed!

I have very poor flexibility and I’m worried that I’ll get injured if I do too much, too fast. How can I stop this happening?
Well, you’ve come to the right place. One of our coaches specialises in mobility and flexibility and includes it at the beginning and end of each WOD. If you’re enquiring at a gym that doesn’t do any, or does very little mobility/stretching work, walk away. It’s that important.

I’m a visiting CrossFitter from another box. Can I drop in?
Yes of course, we love visitors. Please visit Membership & Fees for more info.

My job requires that I travel overseas. How does the membership work if I have to travel?
We are happy to put your membership on hold if you are travelling for one week or more. Simply email us one week in advance with the dates you are away and we’ll do the rest.

What are the costs?
There are no contracts or joining fees and you are free to stop whenever you like. For more information, contact us directly. See the Membership and Fees page for more information

I do shift work so my hours are irregular. How would I fit that into a membership? It can be challenging to get into a routine sometimes.
We want to accommodate everyone and will try to work something out for you. Come talk to us and we’ll see what we can work out.

What type of commitment do I have to make regarding membership? Can I drop in for classes as needed?
Our program involves a lot of technical movements which requires consistency. If you drop in once in a while you will not see any progress in skill development or CrossFit fitness. The more you put in, the more you get out but we do want you to take rest days and have a life.

Do you offer personal training?
Absolutely. At this stage personal training is only available outside of the group training sessions. Pricing is $60/hour for a single session. Blocks of sessions attract a discount and small group sessions can also be catered for. We can also cover specialty sessions such as Weightlifting or training for sport or an event.

Are you hiring any coaches?
We aren’t currently hiring any coaches, but when we do, we hire exclusively from within our community. Therefore, if you are interested in working here we highly recommend that you head over and participate in some classes and get to know people!

I have never done this before. I don’t know how to do the exercises. Will I get some help?
The class structure at CFPS is not your typical ‘bootcamp/globo gym’ class. The coaches are coaching and not participating in the classes while coaching. There are always coaches to instruct, teach and assist every step of the way. We will always help you with proper technique so that you can build your confidence and get results.

I have injuries from the past, can I still work out?
Absolutely! Again, it is a matter of scaling to enable you to experience a great, functional workout while joining the CrossFit community. The biggest thing for you is to communicate that you do in fact have an injury that might affect your movement. The experience of our coaches is unique in that it includes Sports Medicine, anatomy and physiology, and biomechanics so we will have a good understanding of your injury. We also offer to work with your physio/therapist to create a rehab program that you can do in the gym.

Are all CrossFit gyms the same?
No! All CrossFit gyms are individually owned and operated; we are not a franchise. Our affiliation to CrossFit is based on our passion for quality training and programming and love of functional movements done at high intensity.
Each gym has a different blend of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility and other modalities. The experience and skill level of coaches and trainers also vary. So what do you look for? Look for coaches who can show you the moves and explain the how and why of each movement. That’s how you learn and progress.
We are also strong believers in mobility and flexibility so we incorporate it into EVERY session.
Choose what fits you best and your goals. No matter what, we are glad you found CrossFit. Done correctly, it is the BEST strength and conditioning programming around!

How long are the CrossFit sessions? I keep hearing they are short workouts.

All sessions are one hour in length. A session comprises a warm-up consisting of mobility, flexibility and some sweat. The warm-up is followed by a skill or strength set and then there is the WOD (workout of the day) which can be 5-30 minutes depending on the intention for that day. Some days it’s slow, heavy strength work and other days it can be a long metabolic WOD. That’s the beauty of CrossFit – it is so variable and unpredictable.

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