House Rules

House Rules
These rules are designed to keep you all safe and your training experience enjoyable. We have kept it simple so everyone gets the best experience.
Turn up on time – Warm-up stretches and mobility are important for your safety and performance. You MUST warm-up before doing the WOD and nobody will want to wait for you!

Post-exercise stretching is a must – Stretching after a workout returns the muscles and body systems to a resting state, prevents blood pooling, and reduces post-exercise soreness and stiffness. We appreciate that some people have to leave early to get to work or another appointment but the session isn’t finished until you rest and stretch!

No Coaching – While support is great, giving technical advice and coaching is not. Some members have injuries or medical conditions and will have been given scaling options by the coach. If you see something that looks wrong or dangerous grab a coach. Otherwise, focus on your own technique and put your energy into supporting and encouraging.

Introduce yourself. CrossFit Port Stephens is a gym or bootcamp. It’s a community. If you see someone you haven’t met, introduce yourself. They may need to revive you later and “Dude, wake up…” is just so impersonal!

Don’t drop EMPTY barbells or 5KG plates. EMPTY barbells were not designed to be dropped (the bearings can shatter). 5kg plates should not be dumped by anyone as they can split and buckle.

Use chalk sparingly. Chalk is useful and necessary BUT it is also messy and a pain to clean up. Use as much as you need but please keep any excess inside the chalk bucket.

Respect your peers – If you see someone struggling through a WOD cheer them on, but avoid screaming at them or being in their face. If you are being screamed at you have the right to ask the person to stop.

Be responsible for your own choices – Scaling back a workout when necessary is intelligent, not weak. At Port Stephens we want everyone to focus on technique before weight. We will all respect that.

Be patient  Slow down. Ask questions. Focus. Accidents and injuries usually happen as a result of impatience and lack of focus. Upward progression in strength, speed and ability WILL COME.

Have fun, be happy – Although we take our training seriously, we want everyone to have some fun in the process. We enjoy a laugh as much as you do and encourage it, especially during warm-up and cool-down periods.

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