Friday, December 18, 2020

New Covid Restrictions


Visitors & Members

At this time of year we usually see several visitors and we are more than happy to have them come work out in our gym. Many locals also travel to see family and friends at this time.

With the current situation in Northern Sydney we need to take heed of NSW Health’s advice. The situation is quite fluid so things could change one way or the other rapidly.

On current advice we will not be able to welcome anyone who comes from or has visited the Northern Suburbs since December 11th. If you have been in contact with anyone since December 11th from those suburbs, we also are unable to welcome you. If you have been to any of the venues listed by NSW Health you should either self-isolate, get tested or both. This also applies to members who have travelled to those areas, had contacts visit from those areas or been in personal contact with people from those areas.

If you have had a recent Covid-19 test since leaving Sydney or since being in contact with people from the designated areas and have a negative result, please bring the written result reports and we will be happy to welcome you.

This is an unfortunate situation as we love to see new people at this time of year and hear their stories and we certainly don’t like to restrict access to members. As soon as NSW Health completes their enquiries and relaxes their advice so will we.

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