Friday, April 17, 2020

Saturday 18th April 2020

Active recovery day

You worked hard this week so today is recovery day.
If you lost a little focus this week and had a few too many Easter eggs or drinks use today as a catch up & do one of the workouts you missed.

Why do we need rest days?
The unsciency explanation is simple; it’s where the actual good stuff happens.
There’s lots of science behind this but basically when we work out we are causing stress and micro damage to muscle tissue & the nervous system. During rest periods our body rebuilds those systems in response to the stress and builds them stronger. Over time we gain strength and endurance, both metabolic (cardio) and muscular endurance. In other words we get fitter.
This happens normally on a daily basis but we regularly need a longer rest to recharge the batteries. Olympic athletes do not train hard right up to their event, they “taper” for it. This is an example at an elite level of freshening things up.

Recovery doesn’t mean sit and do nothing however, unless you have some specific injury and acting on medical advice.
By active recovery we mean you should get out and do something at a nice cruisy pace.
·       Go for a walk – Bennets or Jimmys to Yaccaba is always nice and you might spot a dolphin or two plus get some sunshine for your vitamin D.
·       More energetic? – Yaccaba to the half way landing is uphill but not too hard & the view is nice.
·       Need more? – go to the top, take some water & snacks.
·       Just a few other ideas - try a light jog or run, ride a bike, swim and enjoy the day.

If you really must do something:

AMRAP 8 mins (As Many Rounds As Possible)
·       5 Push Ups
·       10 Sit Ups
·       15 Squats
·       Run 200m
Rest 2 mins & repeat.

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