Friday, April 3, 2020

Saturday 4th April 2020

Warm Up
·       Ankle, knee rotations
·       Jogging; high knees; heels to butt
·       Touch toes & stand x 5
·       3 sets of 10 Squats; 10 Push ups; 10 Sit Ups

Static Holds

4 Rounds
1min at each exercise (more if you can)

  • ·       Wall Squat – back to wall. A normal squat off the wall is harder if you can maintain depth

  • ·       Plank – lift one arm or leg to make it harder, opposite arm & leg even more difficult (change half way), both arms & legs???

  • ·       Hollow – upside down plank. Make a bowl of your body, feet & arms off the ground & hold. Raise legs & arms to make it easier.

  • ·       Handstand – make sure what you are leaning on is stable and you can’t damage it.
    Options – hold a weight overhead (DB, KB, anything).
Options – hold a weight overhead (DB, KB, anything).

Rest & reset between exercises, no need to rush but don’t delay too long.

Finisher (just to keep the heart pumping)
  • ·       150 Burpees ( scale as required – do less, leave the push up out etc)

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