Saturday, April 18, 2020

Sunday 19th April 2020

Have another rest but if you need to do something here’s some bodyweight things done sloooowly to give them a little strength bias.

Warm Up
·       Rotate, arms, legs, hips,  knees, whatever, to warm up the joints
·       5 Inchworms
·       10 Squats
·       10 Push Ups

·       5 sets of 8 done super slow, count to 8 on both descent and ascent.
·       Add weight if you need to (DB, KB, back pack, small child etc.)

Push Ups or Dips
·       5 sets of 5 to 8 reps to a 5 count down & up.
·       Dips are harder with legs further from the bench or seat, add weight by putting something in your lap if needed.

·       3 sets of 5
·       Use a backpack, water container, gas bottle, anything
·       Chest up, back straight, brace through the middle.
·       Push feet into the floor & stand tall
·       Return weight to the floor at the same rate you lifted maintaining straight back & midline stability

Plank to Hollow
·       4 sets of 15 seconds for each position, resting between sets
·       Plank on hands or elbows & straight line to knees or toes on floor.
·       Hollow, forming a bowl of your body, pressing your lumbar spine into the floor & lifting feet, arms extended

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