Friday, April 24, 2020

Saturday 25th April 2020


Warm Up
·       Move arms & legs
·       Light jog
·       10 Push Ups
·       10 Sit Ups
·       10 Squats
·       2 rounds of 3 reps of each exercise

Hero WOD – Hoppy

AMRAP 17 minutes
  • ·       21 Burpees
  • ·       16 Box Jumps or Step Ups
  • ·       8 Weighted Lunges
  • ·       3 DB or KB ground to overhead each arm (6 total)

Corporal Mathew Hopkins
When in combat, meeting the extraction time is critical to the mission. Adversity presents itself when faced with enemy fire, walls, creeks and open space, not to mention when fatigue sets in while carrying a fallen solider. Hoppy’s mates will never forget the day when their duty was to carry a hero home.
Hoppy was 21 and a father when he was killed on the 16th day of March. The movements represent the functionality the body requires to lift and carry a person.
Hoppy was killed while conducting a patrol near Kakarak when he and his team were engaged by a group of around 20 Taliban. He was evacuated by a Coalition helicopter to the nearby medical facility in Tarin Kowt as soon as the security situation allowed. Despite all efforts, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital.
“Hoppy’s memory will live on forever with the WOD dedicated to his life.”

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